Ah well, hello world.

Ah well, hello world.

1. Insert inspiring quote.
2. Share your carefully written eye-opening experience reading "Start with why" by Sinek.
3. Dive into way too much details about your why, in life, in work, in everything you do - and eventually try to make your blog looks like it has somewhat of a purpose.

Yeah, right. This outline had been the same for about two, maybe three, years. If you happen to know me, you most certainly know about this blog that "I'm planning to start", one day. And above, is what its opening post had always been supposed to look like. One day.

One day, when I'm done with a perfect CMS, a perfect design, when I have everything setup. All the widgets, all the analytics. Bullshit. One day, when I dare putting myself out there, leaving footprints on the interwebs in a truly exposing way.

Yet, my biggest learning lately doesn't even have anything to do with daring, overcoming impostor syndrome or being bold (though I am most definitely learning a lot about this too).

Truth is, it doesn't matter much to know anything, if you're gonna keep it for yourself. Knowledge and experience are only valuable in being shared.

In short, if there is anything you know, you believe, you feel... anything you have to say, you might as well want to share it with the world - and already just now. If it doesn't matter much to anyone, well here you go, it doesn't matter much. And sometimes you will see - a simple advice, idea, or even just a couple words, can make a big difference for a few people around you.

So here we go, to a journey of sharing random thoughts, ideas or advice - may this be, hopefully, useful to a couple of you wonderful individuals out there.

Why I am not sorry. Or - a thing or two about perfectionism.